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Kistrel's Spotlight: AJ Leibengeist

  Hello and welcome back!  I baked cookies and have the kettle on with the beverage of your choice ready and waiting.  So whether you are taking a break between buoys or having a read between casts, we really appreciate you dropping by to peruse this weeks spotlight.   There is no doubt this is a creative individual based on the different themes across the land.  In addition to that, he is a very welcoming and charming host who made a rather impressive grand entrance on a hoverboard when meeting him at one, of the MANY buoys, found on his land.  Covering 3 Regions and home to 16 buoys,  there is plenty of fishing to be had (amongst many other attractions)!  Collectively called TCGWS and with it's own hud for ease of getting around the many buoys, it is my pleasure to introduce our next spotlight--so let's raise a glass (maybe light a smoke?) and hear it for AJ Leibengeist!  Q:  So AJ, would you care to share any of your Second Life journey including how and when you found Fish

Senate Proposal: Rewards for farmers!

     Earlier today, Baroness Sophina Starchild sent out a new proposal for consideration by the Royal Senate of our Cyber Society! She has proposed reward farmers gold based on their farm count! Her reasoning behind said proposal comes down to the fact that farmers are an important part of the fishing economy! As many of you might know, or many not, composters, water pumps, and sunflowers all need to be watered to progress. If not, the progress is stunted and it takes longer. Farmers can place rewards to create incentive for citizens to go around watering these farms to keep the process going!       So Sophina has proposed that farmers be rewarded 1000 Gold for every ten farms that they have, of course after verifying said farms are theirs.      I've decided to interview a few farmers to get their opinions. There are many factors that go into the production of bio, water, worms, and snuffle seeds. They have to worry about materials, prices, and some of them even rent! Q:What are yo

It's time for Fishmobs!

     On a late Saturday night when a lot of events are up and running, a sudden event was taken by storm by a fishmob! Led by Baroness Sophina Starchild , a large group of fishers started busting some moves and attracting more fishers to the event! Shark Isle, Rebel City Sim      Wili Clip , founder of LGH and Fish Hunt, was talking about Fishmobs, fishers going around advertising Fish Hunt at buoys while dancing and playing music. Then all of a sudden a fishmob burst out at Shark Isle during a fishing event when Sophina started inviting people to dance. Slowly but surely more fishers came to join the fun! One thing for sure about this occurrence is that, dancing with a bunch of strangers and or close friends with good beats is really great time! Everyone was dancing away while their rods did the magic work of catching up fish.  Wili Clip, Mina Murray, & Hal Blazing Paulyq & Baroness Sophina Starchild            As long as everyone is onboard with the idea, I don't believe