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Kistrel's Spotlight: AJ Leibengeist

  Hello and welcome back!  I baked cookies and have the kettle on with the beverage of your choice ready and waiting.  So whether you are taking a break between buoys or having a read between casts, we really appreciate you dropping by to peruse this weeks spotlight.   There is no doubt this is a creative individual based on the different themes across the land.  In addition to that, he is a very welcoming and charming host who made a rather impressive grand entrance on a hoverboard when meeting him at one, of the MANY buoys, found on his land.  Covering 3 Regions and home to 16 buoys,  there is plenty of fishing to be had (amongst many other attractions)!  Collectively called TCGWS and with it's own hud for ease of getting around the many buoys, it is my pleasure to introduce our next spotlight--so let's raise a glass (maybe light a smoke?) and hear it for AJ Leibengeist!  Q:  So AJ, would you care to share any of your Second Life journey including how and when you found Fish

WARNING from a possible WATER supply shock / shortage

  From a notice sent on Tue, Sep 20 2022 7:55:44 AM PDT to the FISH HUNT Community:  CLEAN WATER - We all need it & can't live without it - 16 OCT! WATER price has been for last 10 years 2 L$ per unit of water - at FIXED PRICE. WATER PUMPS allow to FARM CLEAN WATER. On 16th of OCTOBER the water will NO longer be FIXED PRICE as it will be supplied by the new class of players the Water Farmers ! We can't know where the price will go. What supply there will be is impossible to model & even best accountants in the world couldn't calculate and predict. With 10000s of people in WORM ECONOMY its a Complex System. Some are stocking up now on 2 L$ water when its still at FIXED price out of fear price will go up.  Others buying PUMPS to be always able to get cheapest water and to not suffer through possible supply shock of water and even profit massively from selling their worms at higher sell prices while at the same time having up to 50% lower production prices. By my gut

Transcript of 2nd Grand Society Conference in Second Life

   GOLD vendor algorithm, Society Treasury Yesterday we changed the gold supply algorithm in the vendor from 500k available gold for purchase we changed it to 900k and re-population of gold in the vendor starts when total supply goes bellow 200k gold This means when people buy 700k gold form the vendor the vendor will re-populate gold and the gold will be cheapest again. Now the 100k gold at 0.1 L$ was all bought out yesterday. Today we still have 93670 gold available at price 0.2 This is still lower than it was at 0.9 before algorithm got triggered ^^ When people buy gold from the vendor the equal amount of GOLD is added to the Society Treasury. The Treasury is managed by the King / Queen and the in Royal Senate. The Royal senate consist of 5 people with most GOLD POINTS The chart of the Society is at Our current King is his Majesty OmniBravo with 1,601,975 gold points (GP) Then we have the members of Royal Senate: Brietje Munro SummerDreams0 Ma