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Kistrel's Spotlight: AJ Leibengeist

  Hello and welcome back!  I baked cookies and have the kettle on with the beverage of your choice ready and waiting.  So whether you are taking a break between buoys or having a read between casts, we really appreciate you dropping by to peruse this weeks spotlight.   There is no doubt this is a creative individual based on the different themes across the land.  In addition to that, he is a very welcoming and charming host who made a rather impressive grand entrance on a hoverboard when meeting him at one, of the MANY buoys, found on his land.  Covering 3 Regions and home to 16 buoys,  there is plenty of fishing to be had (amongst many other attractions)!  Collectively called TCGWS and with it's own hud for ease of getting around the many buoys, it is my pleasure to introduce our next spotlight--so let's raise a glass (maybe light a smoke?) and hear it for AJ Leibengeist!  Q:  So AJ, would you care to share any of your Second Life journey including how and when you found Fish

Royal Fish Hunt Winners and Celebration

  On Sunday, November 27th Fish Hunters celebrated another completed Royal Fish Hunt! This week winners recieved a trophy designed by creator  - ̗̀ MΛЯKY ƧΉΛЯKY   ̖́- (mark80 Bracula).  - ̗̀ MΛЯKY ƧΉΛЯKY   ̖́- (mark80 Bracula) is also often behind the camera at events! Once again, Cloe Marleen (CloeConcy) took the number one spot. She was joined on the podium in victory by Skar Tourog in second place and  ๖̶̶̶ۣۣۜۜ͜ζ͜͡ ⒺⓁⒾⓃⒶ (Elina Tigerauge) in the third spot. Cloe, ravishing in blue as she displays the new trophy for 1st place. Skar celebrates his first time on the podium with the silver trophy for 2nd place. Elina takes the bronze in third place. Skar Tourog, LGH Landowner, club owner, and generally cool person was kind enough to share a few thoughts on his first time on the podium after the awards ceremony. Of course, it was a terrific event.  Minus the breaks for work RL, I think I did pretty well to keep up with Cloe and Elina this past week. It was alot (of) fun and I am looking

Fish Hunt's SL Open Sea Fishing Expedition Events Set Sail

 Ready to See the Open Water? Second Life is well known for the places on land; however, there is another part of the grid that you should take time to visit - the sailable waters! Fish Hunt's Wili Clip in collaboration with CEO of Chimayo Publishing VizierPaimon have introduced a new weekend event which will allow you to do just that: FISH HUNT Open Sea Fishing Expeditions. Each weekend, sponsors will set sail. On their ships you will find Fish Hunt buoys so you can enjoy fishing while exploring by sea or by air.  You can join one of the boats or bring your own to follow along. The ride always begins at an open water way with rez areas for visitors.  And if you are not a fan of floating on the open water,  you can also join in on a flight.   It can get a little crowded, so don't be afraid to bring a ride of your own. The fleet is always varied: helicopters, airbuses, sailboats, motorboats, jet skis, and even banana boats! If you get lost there are always helpful citizens near

Royal Fish Hunt Winners Announced: First Weekly Celebration Held!

  The first ever weekly Royal Fish Hunt celebration was held November 20, 2022. The reigning champions were announced and had their moment to shine on the podium. This week's top fishers are: Cloe Marleen (cloeconcy) with first place  ๖̶̶̶ۣۣۜۜ͜ζ͜͡ ⒺⓁⒾⓃⒶ (Elina Tigerauge) with second place  ڰۣ-ஐ - ̗̀ℵąяԼą  ̖́- ஐڰۣ  (narelle Hennah) with third place All three were gracious enough to grant this editor a few words about their wins; read on to see what they had to say. Due to language differences and need for clarity, some responses may be edited slightly.  Cloe Marleen This is actually the third week in a row Cloe has made it to the number one spot! After the ceremony I had a brief chat with our reigning champ: Sophina Starchild: How does it feel to be at the top again?! Cloe Marleen (CloeConcy): ☻ Cloe Marleen (CloeConcy): with the ceremony I was a bit excited... and I am very glad. I am touched by the affection I feel around.  Sophina Starchild: You looked beautiful! I am so glad you